UK MMA fighters

So you want to be a fighter?


This article is clearly set out for those currently in MMA and for those that want to get started. This is a starter group that is based for anyone looking to train or compete in the UK.

The site launched January 2012, by Steven McDonald, a full time University student and professional MMA fighter. The site allows people who want to start MMA to get everything they need to start in the sport done for them; It gets them into a gym local to them with their 1st session worth £5-15 free! Not only this but cheap equipment, clothing and supplements will be offered to help them train. The staff at become-a-fighter keep a close relationship with all their fighters and make sure training is going well, and when they are ready the staff supply them with a fight, if not then they will get them a fight within a year. If in the very unlikely circumstance a fighter still doesn’t get a match-up, then they will be given a full refund! They also take on any existing fighters and supply them with fights of their choosing, so they act as kind of a manager. supplies their fighters free of charge to promoters!! A service that is unheard of in UK MMA at the minute.

It’s only £9.99 to sign up at the moment for a limited time! They want to get as many fighters on board as they already have shows and fights lined up!

New fighters shouldn’t be pessimistic, as they will get all the necessary tuition from the group. While all existing fighters will still receive the same benefits as new fighters. It really is a win-win situation if you’re set on this beautiful sport.

They have Facebook and their twitter page is: @becomeafighter

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